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Accessibility Standards

Accessibility standards on the Web is ensuring that the information on a website can be viewed by the maximum audience regardless of any potential barriers, whether it’s a disability, language, location, culture, or device. It is an important ideal to strive for as the diversity of user agent’s increase along with the pressure from existing and impending human rights accessibility laws and regulations.

Many government agencies and corporations throughout the world already require that websites are compliant with the W3 accessibility guidelines. Designing with accessibility in mind will increase the future compatibility of your site and provide a competitive advantage by targeting a segment of the audience that others cannot reach.

Most sites are currently inaccessible to the disabled, whose only view of the web is via specialized audio or text browsers. Furthermore, PDA’s, cell phones and other newer devices are similarly disadvantaged as the graphical portions of many sites are essentially invisible to all of these browser types. The newer user agents are growing rapidly in popularity and with the Baby boom generation rapidly aging there is also an increasing percentage of the population that would be considered disabled in Definitions of having the ability to access information found on internet. Fortunately there are extensive w3.org Accessibility standards, guidelines and information available.

Accessibility applications for Search Engine Marketing and Search engine optimization


Designing for or improving a website to improve its accessibility standards will facilitate search engine marketing in two ways. Firstly, it will increase your potential audience by making your site accessable to devices beyond the standard home computer. Secondly, it does improve your search engine rankings as this is one of the many considerations that the search engines use to determine the quality and relevance of your web site.



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