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SEO Training Definitions: Algorithms


Search Engine Algorithms Defined

Search Engine Algorithms are a set of instructions and software programs that the major search engines like Google use to determine the ranking of all indexed websites stored in their database. Each time a search engine query is performed, the search engine polls its database and displays all the results pertaining to that query from the most to the least relevant result.


Optimizing for Search Engine Algorithms

SEO Training involves learning and understanding what Algorithms the search engines are using to rank websites. As the individual search engines algorithms are proprietary, these most of these computer algorithms can only be deduced through reverse engineering high rankings sites. Furthermore, these search engine algorithms are also continually changing, which is why SEO Training is an ongoing process.

The major search engines are continually modifying their software to produce the most relevant results. This dynamic process is one of the reasons why rankings can fluctuate over time.


Our Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services includes an initial optimization that analyses your website for as many of these search engine algorithms as possible. The web sites code and content are then modified to make it more "search engine friendly". This process allows all the pages within your site to be indexed as high as possible for search terms (keyphrases and Keywords), found within the content of your web site.



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