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Search Engine Alt Tags Defined

Alt Tags are an html tag normally associated with images. The primary purpose of this tag is to make your website more accessible to assist visually disabled internet users with identifying a picture or image. Audio browsers will actually read the text included in your Alt Tags.

One of the most important secondary reasons for using these Alt Tags are that Search Engines are essentially blind to all your images without them.

Search Engine Placement and Alt Tags

When using Alt Tags for Higher Search Engine Placement, it is important from a users stand point that the alt tag you use is an accurate reflection of the image or picture. Search Engines can read the Alt Tags associated with your pictures and this can contribute a small boost to your search engine rankings if used properly.

It is vital that you do not over use this tag for keyword stuffing your page, as this can be considered search engine spamming. An appropriate use for this tag is to provide and accurate description of the image as in the following example

<img src="images/Businesscard.jpg" alt="Improve Search Engine Rankings Business Card" width="400" height="250" />

Improve Search Engine Rankings Business Card

The W3C has some additional tips and information on Alt Tags for the proper use to assist both with accessibility and higher search engine ranks.




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