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Affordable SEO Fees

Due to our low overhead and efficiency that comes from years of experience as search engine marketing specialists, we are among some of the most affordable Search Engine Optimization consultants in North America. Our affordable monthly SEO Fees are very reasonable in comparison to our SEO Competitors and other forms of internet advertising.

As every corporate and individual clients' search engine optimization needs vary according to their own competition and website content, it is recommended that you take advantage of our SEO Consulting analysis and quotation for an exact quote on our Monthly SEO Fees.


However, the following is a guideline that lists our typical SEO Fees.


Professional Search Engine Optimization Consulting, intial SEO Fees

Very Competitive SEO Fees

The First month initial SEO fees typically range from $300 to $880CDN (this includes the first month optimization and the fee range depends on the complexity of the website, competition and the client’s objectives).

The initial Search Engine Optimization Consulting process is a fundamental step that lays the ground work for all future and search engine marketing campaigns.

Target Demographic, Industry and competition analysis
Extensive Keyword Research and selection of keyphrase targets for each individual pages
Title revisions
Description meta tag revisions
Keyword meta tag revisions
Template/page revisions to improve code to make it more "search engine friendly"
Testing and Verification that all modifications meet the latest web standards.
Accessibility revisions/additions as necessary
Preliminary Content additions and/or suggested revisions to add appropriate selected keyphrases
On-site link restructuring to facilitate the indexing of all pages within the site.
Addition of a Site Map to facilitate indexing of all pages
Preliminary Directory submissions and inbound link building
Consultation to ensure both parties are in agreement with planned strategies


Monthly SEO Fees, Search Engine Optimization Consulting

(2nd and subsequent months)

No monthly contract, you pay month to month. Our Monthly SEO Fees range from $300 to $700 (again depending on the strength and scope of the competition, and the size and complexity of the website and the client’s objectives).

Beyond the initial optimization it is strongly recommended that you continue with a monthly SEO plan. This allows us to keep your website up with the changing Search Engine algorithms, continually strengthen your website rankings, increase the number of keyphrase terms your site pulls for and also increase increase the monthly visitors to your site.

Your Monthly SEO Fees also Include:

Continuing extensive research into additional search terms applicable to your industry .
Ongoing research and identification of both strengths and weaknesses in your competitors ranking positions.
Fine tuning search engine strategies based on actual statistical data.
Regular content evaluation and recommendations.
Copywriting additions/revisions for each page to strengthen key phase relevance
The creation of additional strategic pages to target specific key phrases.
Continuing ongoing aggressive inbound link building strategies.
Optimization of any pages added to the site
Ensuring that all search engine techniques applied, evolve with any changes in search engine algorithms.
Implementation of all appropriate social networking marketing as applicable
Ongoing, tracking,and recommendations of the implementation of cutting edge SEO tactics as they emerge.
Additional measures required as outlined in your individual SEO/Search Engine Marketing Quotation.

Emailing monthly search engine optimization consultation;progress reports, updates and recommendations.



The prices listed here are typical Monthly SEO Costs, however, if your curious about the possibility of having your website optimized and wondering about the exact SEO Fees involved.


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