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Google Adwords Explained

Google Adwords is a search engine marketing service that Google offers to allow your text ad to appear when your desired keywords are entered in a search query. These Google Adword text ads are fairly brief, consisting of one title line and two content text lines.

The space allotted for these ads appear under "sponsored links" highlighted under the search bar and also to the right of the page.

Google Adwords are just one method of Search Engine Marketing in Canada and the USA yet can potentially be the most expensive and have the poorest ROI as it is necessary to "out bid" the highest ranking sponsored result in order to appear in the most prominent position. Each time someone clicks through your ad to visit your site your account is charged.



Google Adwords SEO


Google Adwords, SEO Keyword selection


A Professional Google Adwords SEO Consultant helps minimizing the search engine marketing costs of Google Adwords by performing extensive keyword research to discover not only the most popular search terms but also discover the search terms that are also popular yet less competitive in terms of the PPC (pay per click) bidding amount.


Google Adwords SEO can improve ad position


Once the most cost efficient and demographically appropriate keyphrases are selected, Google Adwords SEO copywriting services can also significantly improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) and even your adword position.


Outbidding the CPC Bid is the most commonly known method of gaining a better adword position, however many people are unaware other factors that can influence their quality score and respective adword positions.

Google Adwords Ranking position is determined by

Cost Per Click (CPC) Bid X Quality Score


Your Quality score is determined by


  • The click through rate (CTR) on Google
  • The relevance of the keyword and ad to the search
  • Historical keyword performance
  • Other relevance factors

SEO research and Google SEO copywriting can improve the Quality Score by ensuring the text of the ad is relevant to both the search query, target demographics of your potential customers and your web site content. This important to improve CTR and to reduce your bounce rate which are both important factors to increase your quality score and associated ad rank.

Another important advantage of professional Google Adword SEO copywriting is to produce more eye catching "call to action ads" that stand out from your competitors even from a lower ad ranking position.

A Professional Search Engine Marketing Specialist can also provide internet marketing recommendations and/or professional copywriting of your landing pages to further increase your conversion rate.



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