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Google PageRank

Google Page Rank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a websites importance and relevance for any particular search term. Determining pagerank began as a simple Google algorithm that amounted to a simple popularity contest measuring little more than the number of websites linking to yours, it has now become much sophisticated.

The Google PageRank algorithm now determines factors such as;

  • the age of your web site
  • the number inbound links to your web site
  • pagerank of the inbound links
  • topic and keyword relevance of the web sites that link to yours
  • In addition to this your web site pagerank can be lowered if Google determines that your site has engaged in search engine spamming or if your site has reciprocal links to low quality or penalized websites.
  • Inbound and Reciprocal links must be now be carefully researched for relevance and quality to ensure your website get the highest Google PageRank possible
  • Determining Google Page Rank

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