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Professional Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Our professional Search Engine Optimization Consultants will improve search engine rankings for your website to dramatically increase your monthly website visitors. Our Search Engine Marketing Services are Organic and Natural. What this means to you is we achieve increased on line traffic to your website without pay-per-click search engine marketing or any other costly advertising means.

You pay only one monthly SEO fee for this Affordable Professional SEO Consultant Service and have no contract to lock into.

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We will provide both ongoing search engine optimization consultations and search engine optimization consultant services to increase the overall traffic to your site and position your web site to the top of the major search engines under multiple search terms.

We improve your search engine rankings by utilizing both traditionally proven and cutting-edge search engine marketing strategies and techniques that will put you above your competitors and keep you there.


Professional Search Engine Optimization Consultant Services

There are three primary methods of search engine optimization consulting services that we provide to achieve top rankings for our SEO Canada and USA clients and these can be broken down to research and analysis, On-Page Search engine optimization and Off-page Optimization.


SEO Research and analysis

The first and most critical process of any search engine optimization is the preliminary as well as on going research and analysis of your; industry, target demographics, competition, website content, current traffic and ranking statistics, and keyword objectives and your current rankings.

This is perhaps the most vital part of SEO and both the research and analysis of these and many other factors is an ongoing process as these components are variable over time and so are the search engine algorithms (how the search engines calculate which site ranks where).


On Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page search engine optimization is comprised of the modifications required to your website itself to improve search engine rankings. Many of these changes are virtually imperceptible as the involve code revisions that bring your site up to meet the latest website standards and also make your site more search engine friendly. However, usually it is also required to make actual content changes as well to improve the relevance of your site for the targeted keywords or keyphrase's.
For the most part these changes are also subtle and if significant copy writing or revisions and additions are necessary to achieve the search engine ranking objectives, our clients are consulted beforehand.


Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-page optimization involves all the techniques that are applied throughout the internet to improve your search engine ranking. The primary means of Off Page optimization is achieved through increasing your link popularity or inbound links to your website. Generally speaking, the more relevant high quality inbound links a to website, the higher the rankings that can be achieved. Furthermore, these
relevant industry related, inbound links are also a means the increase the over all visitors to your website.


Search Engine Optimization Consultants

As Professional Search Engine Optimization Consultants, we recognize the importance of educating and providing ongoing search engine optimization consultations. This is why we offer potential clients a free preliminary consultation giving a broad overview of some of the most obvious changes that would be required along with a specific Search Engine Optimization price quotation.

Our clients also receive as part of our monthly package, progress reports detailing their web sites increased rankings and traffic improvements so they can accurately access their return on investment.

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