Search Engine Marketing Testimonials, SEO Canada and USA


Search Engine Optimization Testimonials, SEO


Utilizing the latest Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing strategies we have improved search engine rankings for a wide range of clients and industries. The Following is just a sampling of some of our recent client search engine optimization testimonials and ranking results.

Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are effective in getting top search engine rankings in all the major search engines although we have primarily focus on the Google rankings, as high rankings on this search engine, generally brings in the most visitors, we also have similar rankings on MSN and Yahoo. Here is just a sampling of some of our SEO Testimonials.

Yacht Charters SEO Testimonial

"Thank you for your monthly SEO report. It was very informative, but most importantly;
what we can't always judge for ourselves, others can. We had someone come up to us at the boat show on the week end and remark on our great website - we said thank you - but what he was actually referring to was the visibility of it through the search engines. We have referred him to you to assist him in his boating schoo

Shari - Nanaimo Yacht Charters and Sailing School, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

SEO Testimonials Nanaimo Yacht Charters, Vancouver Island, Canada



Current Search Engine Rankings (July 2011)


Local Search Engine Rankings

Nanaimo Yacht Charters - #1Google
Nanaimo Boat Charters - #1Google
Nanaimo Sailing School - #1Google
Nanaimo Sailing Lessons - #1Google

Regional Search Engine Rankings

Yacht Charters Vancouver Island - #1Google
Sailboat Charters Vancouver Island - #1Google
Boat Charters Vancouver Island - #1Google
BC Boat Charters - #1Google
Sailing Schools Vancouver Island - #1Google
yacht charter BC -1 Google


Canada SEO Rankings

Bareboat charters Canada-#1Google
Sailing Charters in Canada - #1Google
Sailing Lessons Canada - #3Google
Bareboat charters Canada-#1Google


Global Rankings

Catalina 27 charters #1
Hunter 30 charters #1
Catalina 30 charters #1


Stones Boatyard

Nanaimo Boat Repairs / Boatyard

July 2011

Current rankings

Nanaimo Yacht Services #1
Vancouver Island Boat Repairs #1
nanaimo yacht riggers #1
vancouver island boat maintenance #1
boat window repairs Nanaimo #1
boat window repairs Vancouver island #1
boat diesel repairs Nanaimo #1
marine repainting Nanaimo #1
boat polishing Vancouver island #1
Nanaimo Boat Yard #2
Nanaimo Boat Repairs #2


Online Business Services SEO



Full Lace Wigs

Seo Testimonial, Full Lace Wigs


Full Lace Wigs offers from Cheap Full Lace Wigs to high end Celebrity Full Lace Wigs and has also been a recent addition to our growing client list.

"You have done such a remarkable work in such a small time!It's just
awesome!Should my website keep going strong like that,it will be at the top
of the search engine ranking at the end of the year!
I am very happy with all your effort and your steady work."

"I am thrilled about the increase of traffic to my site and I thank you so
much for your work. I look forward to the next coming months."

Marie- Founder and President of Full Lace Wigs By Hot Tips Fashion , South Carolina, USA

nicole scherzinger wig #1
full lace wig hairstyles #1
alicia keys full lace wig #1
full cranial wigs # 1
cranial prosthesis #1 l
beyonce full lace wig # 2
naomi campbell full lace wig # 2
lace wigs with baby hair #1
full lace wig with baby hair #1
full lace wig USA


Chair Mats

Chair Mats, SEO Testimonial specializes in providing high quality glass chair mats for office and home use. Although they have only been a client for a few months, We have already obtained some rapid search engine ranking improvements on their behalf.


Current Search Engine Rankings


Global Google Rankings

Glass Mats #1
Glass chair mat 1
Glassmats 1
Tansparent floor mat 1
Ccolorado chair mats 1
corner chair mats 1
Glass anti static chair mats 1
glass desk blotter 1




Automotive Search Engine Optimization Testimonials

"I love my new Boss T Automotive website. We Improve Search Engine Rankings, did the design wrote the content and optimized it, and I am proud to say that the SEO done on my site has given me search engine rankings above so many, much, much larger competitors."

Harvey - Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

SE0 Testimonials Boss T Automotive Nanaimo, Parksville


Current Search Engine Rankings


Local Search Engine Rankings

Rebuilt engines Parksville - #1 Google
Ford engines Parksville - #1 Google
Chevy engines Parksville - #1 Google
Rebuilt engines Nanaimo - #1 Google
Chevy engines Nanaimo - #1 Google
Ford engines Vancouver -#1 Google
Ford engines Nanaimo -#2 Google
Engines Parksville #3 Google

Regional Search Engine Rankings

Rebuilt Engines Vancouver Island - #1 Google
Chevy engine parts Vancouver island - #1 Google
chevy engine parts BC #1 Google
Rebuilt ford engines BC #1 Google

SEO Canada, Search Engine Rankings

Custom Rebuilt Engines Canada - #1 Google
Rebuilt Ford Engines Canada #2 Google
Ford Rebuilt engines Canada #1 Google


Global Search Engine Rankings

Gm engine for sale #1 Google
Chevy Engines for Sale #1 Google
Reconditioned Chevy engines #1Google
Rebuilt Ford Engines for Sale #1 Google
Custom Rebuilt Engines # 3 Google
Reconditioned Ford Engines #4 Google

Nanny Services

SEO Testimonial, Nanny Services

Canadian Nanny is a recent client that operates a national online nanny service that links parents with prospective nannies in almost every city in Canada. We have been able to achieve very tangible results in just a few months.


Current Search Engine Rankings


Canada Search Engine Rankings

Canadian nanny agencies #1 Google
Nannies Canada- #1 Google
Nanny for hire Canada #1 Google
Nanny Canada - #1 Google

Local Search Engine Rankings

Nannies Regina # 1 Google
Nanny Tsawwassen # 1 Google
Nanny Gatineau # 1 Google
Nanny Dundas # 1 Google
nanny Montreal 2
nanny Ottawa # 2 Google
Calgary Nanny 2 Google
Edmonton nannies 3 Google
Burlington nannies 2 Google
Oakville nanny #3 Google
Nanny Jobs Toronto #3 Yahoo


Babysitting Services


The management of Canadian Nanny has been so pleased with the results we have obtained, that they have now recently contracted their another website of ( a national babysitting referral service ) to us for SEO services and internet marketing support.

Current Search Engine (Aug 2010)

canadian babysitter #1 Google
calgary babysitters # 2 MSN BING
babysitting edmonton # 2 MSN BING
montreal babysitting service 2 Yahoo
babysitter calgary 3 Yahoo

Real Estate SEO Testimonials

"Victoria Real Estate fees are so expensive I decided to list my Victoria BC Float Home on the internet, and despite the massive competition in this industry, the results I am getting from the real estate SEO of We Improve Search Engine Rankings are absolutely amazing. For a fraction of the cost, I would have paid to a realtor, I am already getting offers from around the world."

Brenda - Victoria, BC, Canada, Website:


SEO Testimonials, Victoria BC Real Estate

Current Search Engine Rankings (Aug 2010)

Local Search Engine Rankings

Victoria Float Home - #1 Google
Victoria BC Float Home - #2 Google
Victoria Float Home for sale- #2 Google
Victoria floathome - #1 Google
For Sale By Owner Victoria #4 Google

Regional Search Engine Rankings

Float Home for sale vancouver Island - #1 Google
Float Home for sale BC Canada -#1 Google
Float Home for sale BC - #5 Google

SEO Canada, Search Engine Rankings

Float Home Canada - #2 Google
Floathome for sale Canada -1#Google

Global Search Engine Rankings

Float Home for sale -#3 Google
Float Home # 7 Google



Qualicum Beach Restaurant SEO and Web Design

"I am absolutely thrilled with the new web design for my Qualicum Beach Restaurant, Pub and Liquor Store. It has a professional classic look and I was surprised how fast the SEO efforts vaulted us to the top of the search engines and above our competitors."

Wayne Duncan - The Shady Rest, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

Qualicum Beach Restaurant SEO Testimonial and Web Design


Current Search Engine Rankings (Dec 2010)


Local Qualicum Beach Search Engine Rankings

Qualicum Restaurant # 1 Google

Qualicum Beach Pub #1 Google

Qualicum Pub # 1 Google

Qualicum Liquor Store #1 Google

Qualicum Beach Liquor Store #1 Google

Qualicum Cold Beer and Wine #1 Google



Corporate SEO Testimonials

"With so many charitable organizations competing to raise awareness and funds through the internet I have found marketing Autism Calgary a challenging prospect. Although I personally hold advanced computer programming degrees , I have recently asked We Improve Search Engine Rankings for a SEO consultation on our website redesign and to provide their Internet Marketing and SEO expertise to help improve our search engine marketing strategy. I have already been very impressed with their extensive research, professionalism, and innovative marketing recommendations. I plan to implement all of their recommendations and have complete confidence that with their guidance we will meet both our short and long term marketing objectives. "
Lyndon - Executive Director, Autism Calgary, Alberta, Canada

SEO Testimonials, Autism Calgary


Autism Calgary # 1 Google
Autism Alberta # 2 Google
Aaspergers calgary # 2 Google




Medical SEO Testimonial

SEO Testimonial Medical

We are pleased to have been chosen to provide search engine optimization for the Amen Clinics Organization, founded and operated by the world renown Dr. Daniel Amen. These Medical facilities operate throughout the USA and specialize in Brain SPECT imaging to facilitate the accurate diagnosis and treatment of all types ADD and other Brain Disorders. In just a few short months we have been successful in obtaining many top rankings. Here is just a few examples.

Global Search Engine Rankings

Brain Clinics - #1Google, #1 Yahoo and MSN
Brain Trauma Clinics - #1 Google, MSN and Yahoo
Brain SPECT Imaging - #1 Google
SPECT Imaging -#2 Google
SPECT- #2 Google
Tests for ADD #1 - Google
ADD Clinics - #1 Google
Tests for brain disorders - #2 Google
Adult ADD Symptoms - #3 Google
Brain Scans for substance abuse - #1 Google


Other Recent SEO Clients Include:


Franklin Video Productions Raleigh NC

Weld Reality



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