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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Web site Marketing Strategies to Improve Traffic and Conversion Rates

Web site Marketing Strategy One - Extensive Keyword Research

I recommend starting all web site marketing strategies by collecting an extensive list of keywords (search terms) that your target demographic is using to find your web site and your competitors. Follow this up by modifying your existing content to include these key phrases in your web site marketing strategies where applicable.

Professional SEO Marketing Strategy Two

Partake in some SEO training or hire a professional SEO Consultant to attain first page rankings on the major search engines for as many search terms as possible. SEO will bring you a continual stream of new customers to your web site as most sites (70%) are still discovered through organic search engine traffic.

SEO Training

Although learning SEO can seem like an overwhelming and time consuming process (and it is), order basic SEO Training can be found on many SEO web sites and blogs. However, sick there are several caveats to attempting your own SEO.

The first and foremost is “a little knowledge is dangerous”. Much of the free SEO Training found on the internet is out dated. Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing and many SEO techniques that at one time would have helped a site, viagra order can now result in ranking penalties and in some cases even get you banned. If you don’t have the time to keep your SEO Training up to date with the latest SEO developments, it is likely worth the money to hire a professional.

Web site Marketing Strategy Three - PPC

The web site marketing strategies that involve Pay-Per-Click are only recommended for those sites that have overwhelming competition or need instant results. In either case this should be considered a temporary measure to supplement your SEO results as Pay-Per-Click advertising very often has a less attractive long term ROI than SEO. Spend the effort to learn how to write effective ads or utilize a Google Adwords SEO consultant to minimize your cost and maximize your conversion rate.

Web site Marketing Strategy Four - Blogging

Blogging are web site marketing strategies that gives you the ability to quickly add content to your site for a particular keyword phrase you would like to rank for. Furthermore, if you’re able to create interesting content that pertains directly to your target market, you can draw thousands of potential customers to your web site.

Web site Marketing Strategy Five - Social Networking

Social networking is a fairly time consuming effort, but when done properly, it can be a very effective method of getting potential customers to your site. One of the top social networking web sites is Facebook.

Web site Marketing Strategy Six - Social Bookmarking

This web site marketing strategy allows you to potentially draw thousands of people to your blog articles very quickly. However, the traffic does seem to be fleeting with low conversion rates. Some of the larger Social Bookmarking Sites include;Digg, Propeller (Netscape), Technorati, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, andSlashdot.

Web site Marketing Strategy Seven - Effective Copywriting

Once you have managed to attract customers to your web site, you need good copywriting to keep them there. Most web sites face tremendous competition and it is vital for you to very quickly list all the benefits of your product and service within the first few paragraphs to keep your visitor interested.

One proven method of this is to identify potential problems your visitor may have and explain how your web site, product or service can solve it. Mention every advantage your web site, product or service has (i.e. quality, variety, price, free shipping). Be persuasive on every page and variations of the same pitch throughout the web site is actually beneficial as your client often does not arrive at the site through your home page.

Web site Marketing Strategy Eight - Easy Website Navigation

Web Surfers are notoriously impatient. Ensure that your web site visitors can find the most important pages of your site such as your contact or store pages. Ensure your store is easy to use, and requires as few steps and information from the customer as possible.

Web site Marketing Strategy Nine - Content, Content and More Content

Continually add new and relevant content to your web site as this attracts new visitors under various search terms, gives visitors a reason to return to your site and also because the search engines love fresh content. Search Engines give preferential rankings to larger sites that are continually updated.

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