Make Money Online Fast, Part 2

Sequel to Make Money Online Fast

This entry is the long awaited Make Money Online fast part 2 ( A follow up to the immensely popular Make Money Online Fast Part 1 ). I was surprised just how popular this topic was when I found I got several thousand visitors within days of posting the blog entry Make Money Online Fast Part 1.

My research indicates that the “Make Money Online” part of the listed methods are for the most part legitimate, medicine in so far as not charging a fee to join. However, decease just how much money you will make and how fast, I can’t vouch for as I have not personally tried every method listed.

Make Money

Once again these methods of making money online fast are in no specific order and perhaps your comments will assist in sorting out the most profitable from the least.

Metcafe - will pay you for your original video submissions. The amount of money you make depends solely on how popular your video becomes. Metacafe pays $5 for every thousand views once your video reaches 20,000 views and has a rating of 3.00 or higher. The Money you make can add up FAST as the top video for this year has earned over $27,000.00. If you like playing games anyway, this site will give you an opportunity to get paid for it. With Moola you can make money online fast if your very lucky or very skilled at games. They give you one penny to start and then you bet double or nothing with another user with the potential to double your winnings each time with an opportunity to win as much as the $10,737,418.24 grand prize. Good Luck let me know how you made out.

Pay Per Post Blog about products for cash. Basically its paid advertisements in the form of writing blog entries that promote products or services you believe in.

InnerSell - Pays commission for sales leads that result in a sale. This could be a good way of making money for those people that are actively involved in online or offline business networking or receive regular requests for products they don’t actually sell.

Simply Hired offers an easy to cut and paste widget that you can add to your blog that posts jobs and pays for each click through.

My Lot appears to be an online social community that is willing to pay you for participating in forum discussions, posting news, blogs, and referrals.

Feel free to send suggestions for other money making ideas, however, they must have a reasonable chance a making money and must not charge any fee to participate.

Now it’s time for me to go “Make Money Online Slowly”, as a professional SEO Consultant who for very modest fees get other people with good products, services or ideas to the top of the search engines to help them make money online faster.

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