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SEO Training for Dummies

In designing a to accommodate a wide range of visitors and web designers with varying degrees of computer and marketing knowledge, buy I feel I have an obligation to provide some preliminary basic SEO Training , tips, techniques and strategies for those people completely unfamiliar with SEO.

Call it SEO Training tips for Dummies or Internet Marketing Kindergarten, either way, feel free to skip this SEO Training Chapter or to deny that you every had to read it.

SEO VS SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

and Search Engine Marketing SEM all have the same objective and that is to bring more visitors to your website. SEO is just one aspect of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO has traditionally been primarily involved in optimizing web sites to get Top Search Engine Rankings on the major search engines. However, it has more recently evolved to encompass all forms of “organic” and “natural” search engine marketing with the exception of pay per click (PPC).

Professional are now able to increase the amount of visitors to your web site through higher search engine rankings, referral visitors through inbound links and effective copywriting to increase your web sites conversion rate and ultimately increase the money you generate from your website and the return on investment (ROI).

SEO Training, Website Conversion Rates

A Website Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that view your website and actually follow through with a purchase, email or phone call. The average website conversion rate varies widely between industries from about 1.5 to 5%. This may be a surprisingly low number for some, and that is why it’s crucial to ensure your website is optimized to get as many qualified visitors to your site as possible in order to maximize your revenue.

One of the most effective ways to get these visitors is through SEO. Whether you search out  your own  SEO Training Sites or hire a SEO Consultant to the work for you, chances are without proper SEO techniques applied to your website, you will spend thousands of dollars on a web site very few people will ever find.

SEO Training for New Web Site Design

So your about to pour a lot a time, money and effort into a new website and you want it to get to the TOP of the search engines ASAP. But where do you begin your SEO Training?

This SEO Training Course is a very good start. You can save your self thousands of dollars by avoiding or revising a beautiful website that may never get noticed. It’s kind of like renting a highway billboard sign and then erecting it a forest.

Domain Name Search for SEO

So where do you start? If you’re not absolutely committed to a domain name or URL this is the very first step in ensuring your site has the best chance of attracting a lot of visitors. A Domain Name is weighted very heavy by the search engine Algorithms (mathematically based software programs used by search engines to determine a web sites ranking, in response to any given search engine query).

In the long run, it will help you tremendously if you can pick a domain name through a careful domain name search that both describes the nature of your business and also contains some important keywords and/or keyword phrases that reflect the content of your site and will help you get and increased web site visitors.

Picking an effective domain name can be a challenge, especially considering that 95% of all single English word domain names have already been registered. I will give you your first SEO Training Tip that will save you a tremendous amount of wasted trial and effort time by giving you just the first of many valuable (a real time domain checker). This SEO Training Tool will expedite the process of finding an available domain name that will improve search engine rankings. In Chapter 2 ( Domain Name SEO )I will explain additional considerations and shortcuts for making this important decision that forms not only your branding and identity, but an appropriate Domain name can also greatly facilitate the future SEO you will want to incorporate into your web site to get TOP search engine rankings.

Choosing the Right Domain Name for SEO

In the last blog I mentioned that picking the right Domain Name can be as crucial to web design SEO, thumb
as it is to your corporate branding and identity. Having the appropriate within the Domain Name can help you help you achieve top search engine rankings. Search engines place a significant weighting on a web sites domain name. As a prudent business owner or as a , it is important to pick the very best domain name possible.

The natural domain name of choice is not necessarily the name of the company for several reasons;

  • As previously mentioned, Search Engine Keywords within a URL will help you achieve top search engine rankings.
  • Most enterprises utilize their website as a vehicle to attract new customers and visitors. The new and potential customers your trying to attract, are not likely going to be typing in the exact name of your company as a search engine query.
  • Many existing businesses already have a fairly unique name allowing them to get to the top of the search engine (for that specific query) without the company name existing in the domain name (although this does very little to attract the new customers that the website is there to attract).

If your industry branding requirements are similar those in real estate seo, it may be an important part of the corporate web design branding strategy to have your business name or last name within the Domain Name, however, keywords could still be incorporated into the Domain Name.

An example of Real Estate SEO: a real estate website should choose the name instead of This will help him rank for both “Bill Smith” and “real estate“. This will be the first of many SEO tips and SEO Techniques you can use to help get you top search engine rankings within any given industry. However, for highly competitive SEO term such as real estate you might seriously consider hiring a real estate SEO professional as it is very likely that your competitors already have.

SEO Keyword Research For Domain Name

Although it may seem premature to pick SEO keywords and key phrases at such an early stage, (even before the content is written), it is actually the perfect time. In order to facilitate both initial objectives, both the Domain name and website content should ideally revolve around the appropriate keywords for your industry whenever possible. For proper optimization, the appropriate keyword or words to incorporate into your url should be keywords that a potential website visitor will type in as a search engine query. Instead of guessing what those words would be, I recommend that you start with the Overture which gives you information regarding the amount of monthly searches are performed for any given term.

SEO Training, Internet Marketing and other Considerations

Along with having the appropriate keywords for SEO purposes, a name should also be;
Memorable, easy to spell and describe your business. Furthermore, unless your website is non-profit or an educational institution, .com is the preferable extension. In terms of SEO, after, .org and .edu, the .com extensions are more respected by the search engines than .ca, .net, .biz etc. Furthermore, most people already assume a domain ends in .com, so it will minimize their confusion in trying when to remember your url if you happen to do a lousy job on your SEO.

Hyphens in a URL ?

If possible avoid hyphens in your Domain Name. Provided you’ve done your SEO research in terms of keywords /key phrases, hyphens should not be necessary. In a Domain Name Search engines will see Billsmithrealestate as bill smith real estate.

Web Design SEO

To summarize, for effective web design SEOtry to incorporate the following in your choice of Domain Name;

  • Popular keywords
  • Easily associated with your business
  • Easy to spell
  • Memorable
  • Have a .com extension

The final criterion of the perfect domain name is that it must be available and that is why it makes the choosing the perfect domain name is very difficult. Good luck with your search, it took me over 2 years to find mine.

If you missed the last SEO Training blog entry, here is an excellent real time for expediting the process of finding a domain name that is actually still available. Just remember that its although the Domain name is an important aspect of web design SEOit is not absolutely critical, as it is only the first of hundreds of Basic SEO Training techniques and advanced SEO Training Tips you can apply to help you .
For effective Search Engine Marketing SEM and SEO, psychiatrist
proper selection and use of Keywords / Keyphrases are critical to attract the most internet visitors possible, patient
and to ultimately yield the most money from a web site. For both amateur or professional Website developers, cure
it is important to understand that Search Engines like Google still place a significant weighting on keywords. Proper Keyword selection and use can play a pivotal role in the ultimate success of an internet business.

3 Important factors of correct SEO keyword selection are;

Popularity: How often someone is searching for a your chosen keyphrase term?

Assessing the popularity of a particular search term is relatively easy with the use of the Free Overture Tool, which will give an approximation of the number of times people search for a given search term.

Relevance: Do the keywords chosen fit the theme of your site and respective pages?

Determining relevance is common sense. Evaluate your existing or planned content and ensure your chosen keyword terms exist or can be inserted into the existing content.

Competition: How difficult will it be to get top rankings for your search term?

Determining both the level of competition and likelihood of achieving top search engine rankings for a chosen term is considerably more complex.

Overestimating the ability of a website to get top ranking for the most popular keyphrases is one of the most common mistakes made in novice SEO attempts. Simply choosing keyphrases that are the most popular will most often result in failure if the competition for those phrases is too severe. Trying to compete for extremely popular keywords with a brand new web site can be a pointless endeavour.

Unless you plan on hiring a professional SEO Consultant, it is unwise to try to optimize for the most popular terms found through Overture. Yet, without a first page ranking in Google, it is unlikely that your site can attract many visitors. Furthermore, specialized SEO software, tools and experience are usually required to accurately access your web sites ability to compete for popular keyphrases. However, a quick estimation can be done by comparing your current Google Page Rank ( PR ) with the existing competitors Page Rank.

Page Rank is a measurement from 0 to 10 that the Google assigns to websites to determine their current importance and it is primarily based on the amount of Quality Inbound Links to a web site (quality inbound link checker).

As a general rule it is best to pick keyphrases where the lowest Page Rank of the top ten search engine results is equal to or less than your own page rank. If you have a brand new website, your page rank will start at 0. For new or un-optimized web sites with low page ranks, it may be difficult to pick keywords that fit this criteria. In this case, it is best to pick key phrase / search terms where the lowest of the top ten competitors has a page rank no greater than two higher than your own. You can utilize this free Google Page Rank Tool to help you compare your page rank with your potential competitors.

Realistic Keyword / Keyphrase targets are a critical part of search engine marketing and getting the first page search engine results required to generate any significant traffic. This is just the first in a series of Search Engine Marketing Articles that provide SEO Training and SEO Tips on the selection of, and proper use of Keywords, as well as the other integral processes required to improve search engine rankings.

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