SEO Marketing to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Initial on-page SEO Marketing

The majority of existing web sites on the internet suffer from poor search engine rankings due to problems in within their web site’s that the designers are not even aware of. SEO Marketing specialists will usually correct these deficiencies first. This is known as “on-page” Search Engine optimization (SEO), what is ed and is the first part of the process of making a web site more “Search Engine Friendly”. Sites that are optimized to fit within this category get consistently Better Search Engine Rankings and considerably more web site visitors. A broad overview of the steps involved with initial on-page SEO Marketing consists of ;

  • Industry and target market research
  • Demographic and keyword research
  • Web site content analysis
  • Web site search engine ranking analysis
  • Web site traffic analysis
  • Selection of appropriate keyword/phrase targets for each website page
  • Content revision
  • Code analysis
  • Code revisions / Template revisions where necessary
  • On-site linking revisions
  • Fresh Content additions on a regular basis

There are also many sub-categories within these each of these steps as well and each one will be addressed in detail as this SEO Training blog progresses. On-Page SEO marketing is only one part of the SEO Marketing process, however it is critical that these fundamentals are addressed initially. The initial SEO accomplishes the following;

  • facilitates the removal of any existing search engine ranking penalty or ban
  • prevents the potential of any future search engine penalties
  • makes the web site more likely to get first page search engine rankings for relevant keyword phrases that will bring qualified visitors to the web site.
  • Ensures that the search engine “spiders”can index every page within the site
  • Improves Search Engine Rankings and increases traffic and potential revenue.

Off page SEO Marketing

Off-Page SEO Marketing is the second and ongoing part of the SEO process that is necessary to both improve search engine rankings, maintain those high search engine rankings, increase the number of relevant keyword phrases a web site can be found under and improve the web sites Internet presence to continually increase the amount of qualified visitors to the web site. A broad overview of off-page SEO Marketing consists of ;

  • Top Search Engines and Directory Submissions
  • Inbound Link Building
  • Blogging
  • RSS Feeds
  • Posting to relevant forums and newsgroups
  • Writing Articles
  • Issuing Press Releases

SEO and Internet marketing is a continuous process where additional content and inbound linking strategies are fine tuned along with search engine strategies based on actual statistical data. Continuing research into additional search terms keyword/key phrase targets is conducted to maximize visitors to a web site. The Feedback and fine tuning process is necessary as SEO Marketing is a dynamic process that is an art as much as it is a science.

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