Top Ten Search Engines in the World 2010

Here is an update from the top ten search engines list.¬† Some research indicates that at least within the USA, herbal Google’s search Engine popularity has increased even further. The following is an updated list of the top ten search engines 2008 (August);

Rank Search Engine Volume
1. 71.01%
2. 18.26%
3. 4.25%
4. 3.45%

The continued sheer market dominance of Google only reinforces the strategy to focus your SEO efforts primarily with this search engine first. Here is how to get your own website to achieve  top ten search engine ranking for multiple search terms.

Top Ten Search Engines 2010

On of the most requested blogs has been the Top Ten Search Engines in the world. So the following is an update for 2010

Top Ten Search Engines

1) Google - This Search Engine accounted for over 70 % of searches performed in 2010
2) Yahoo - 15 %
3) Bing (MSN) - 10 %
4) Ask -2.5 %
5) AOL Search - 1.5 %

The following Search Engines shared the remaining North American and Global search engine queries across the world
6) Baidu
7) NHN 8) Altavisa
9) Lycos
10) Alibaba

Top Ten Search Engine Changes Over the Years

So whats changed since I started blogging Top Ten Search Engines  ?
Well, for sale
not much is the short answer.

Clearly most people the top 3 of Google Yahoo and Msn. While Bing has managed to double its market share. The aggressive predictions of Yahoo and MSN (BING) stealing Googles market share has clearly not materialized. Also it is important to note that Baidu a very popular Chinese search engine is likely under reported in the actual percentage share of the market. As this list is actually more a representation of North American and English speaking populations of the world.

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