Top Ten Search Engines List

Top Ten Search Engines in the world Update

Due to readers requests here is the Top ten search engines in the world 2010 UPDATE. The results may or may not surprise you.

Top Ten Search Engines list 2007

A leading Media Metrics company (Comscore) has just released statistics of the top ten search engines 2007. So what does the top ten search engines 2007 list mean to Web site developers, search your internet marketing and SEO of your web sites ?

  • Google is a clearly a dominant front runner with 62 percent of all searches.
  • Yahoo is still holding a distant 2nd with 13 percent of the searches.
  • The new Chinese search engine Baidu now accounts for over 5 percent of world wide searches.
  • MSN now only represents 3 percent, healing recently slipping to 4th
  • NHN Corporation (Korean Search Engine) is also rapidly gaining on MSN with 2.4 percent of the world wide searches.
  • The remaining 5 of the top ten search engines combined only account for 6.6 percent of total searches .

Top Ten Search Engines and SEO

Considering that Google represents almost 2/3 of all world wide searches, it is clearly logical to focus most of your SEO strategies with this search engine. Furthermore, it has been my experience that a website that is well optimized for Google also tends to rank fairly high in Yahoo and MSN.

But should you also consider submitting to Baidu which now holds the number 3 spot out of the top ten search engines ? I did some research around the net and found that unless you have a Chinese language version of your website; it is not likely to draw much traffic to your site. However, considering that there are now more internet users in China than the US and that it takes only a minute it is probably worth the effort. Follow this search engine link to submit to the Baidu search engine.

As the thousands of other search engines combined only make up the remaining 17.6 percent of searches,I would suggest it’s not worth the effort to find and submit to them unless they are niche search engines specific to your industry.

Comscores Top Ten Search Engines 2007

Worldwide Search Top 10
December 2007
Total World Age 15+, Home and Work Locations*
Source: comScore qSearch 2.0

December (2007) Searches (MM)

Top Ten Search Engines in the World

Total Internet

100.0 %

62.4 %

Yahoo 8,505
12.8 3,428

Microsoft Sites 1,940

NHN Corporation 1,572

EBay 1,428
Time Warner Network 1,062

Ask Network 728

Yandex 566
0.9 Corporation 531

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