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SEO Copywriting for SEO and Search Engine Marketing


In all business enterprises there is competition, and this is especially true on the internet.  In order to beat the competition, positioning and differentiation of your product and your search engine marketing approach is crucial to success. Both in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, SEO copywriting incorporating these strategies is critical.


SEO Copywriting Fundamentals

The first step to SEO copywriting is to understand that Differentiation is how you make your product stand out from your competitors so the consumer has a reason to choose your product instead of theirs.  Due to tremendous global competition on the internet, differentiation of a product in fundamental ways like price is often not possible. Therefore, often positioning strategies become more important in successful internet marketing.

Positioning involves presenting your product in a manner that influences customers’ perception of your product in a favorable manner.  The overall objective of both positioning and differentiation is to distinguish your product from your competition and give the consumer a compelling reason to choose your product over the competitors. It is vital to consider the following points during the website copywriting process.

    • All the benefits and features of your product, compared to your competitors
    • The level of customer service you offer compared to others
    • The delivery time, cost and product guarantees they offer, vs. what you can provide
    • The emotional and physical need or desires your product can potentially fulfill
    • In what ways can you provide a more useful/appealing website
    • Are your competitors local and are your customers local
    • Where the competition is advertising and what demographic are they targeting
    • Consider what online advice or value-added service can you provide that the competition doesn’t

          (ie; Newsletters, FAQ page, online question forms, 1 800 #, guarantees.)
    • Can you and do you offer more varied methods of payment
    • Staff education, training or experience that sets your company apart
    • Established reputation , customer testimonials and/or celebrity endorsements to establish trust
    • Statistics regarding volume of sales and customer satisfaction
    • Staff and customer enthusiasm toward the product and why

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Utilizing the all information gathered from a comparison of your product to existing online businesses allows you plan effective website copywriting.  Identifying the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in positioning will allow you to clearly distinguish your product and website above the competitors. 

This is only the first step as it is critical to also understand that without effective SEO and Search Engine Marketing Strategies, your customers will not find your site.


Understanding basic search engine marketing strategies and SEO Copywriting strategies will help with your copywriting process.


To save time and money you could also our professional search engine optimization services to fine tune your exisiting copy to improve search engine rankings so that your web sites can be easily found for that final competitive edge.


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